Using Wood Flooring to Improve Your Home

Wood flooring has been in use for many years. It is associated with style and elegance. In fact, many of the recent flooring materials all try to imitate its looks and durability. However, no material can ever replace the beauty, elegance and comfortable feel of the wooden floors.


Wood flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Dirt does not get stuck and you can easily swept it clean with a regular broom. They do not get stained as with other types.

Another major advantage is its beautiful looks. Hardwood gives a house a natural lovely look. Polishing gives it a shinny and attractive look. It also allows you to match with a wide variety of house furniture color schemes.

A Hardwood floor is durable and last a life time. If well installed and maintained, it will continue to look shiny, new and beautiful for many years. Many of the other flooring alternatives fade off with time. Some wear off requiring frequent replacements.

The wood flooring is known for style and status. People who have it in their homes understand the stature that comes with wood floors. High-end offices use it to give an impression of superiority. It is also associated with the wealthy, royalty and expensive hotels. Therefore, if you want to increase the value of a rental house or a house on sale, putting a wood floor may be a good idea.

Wood floors also come with a wide variety of types, different stains, patterns and different finishing. Hard woods are more expensive and they last longer and look more elegant. There are different hardwood materials including oak wood and maple. Bamboo also gives a natural and beautiful look.

Buying Tips

Hardwood flooring can be quite expensive. However, you can save some costs by doing some research. One of the best ways of comparing prices is searching the internet. You can review different company websites and get designs and options. You can also seek ideas from architectural magazines.


Fitting the floor can be a do-it-yourself process. However, it is advisable to get a professional for fitting. Furthermore, most of the firms that sell the floor also provide fitting. However, if you choose to do it yourself, there are various options that you can use.

The floating installation process involves fitting all the wood planks together onto the floor. You can then use a skirting finishing to cover the edges. The staple down installation process involves nailing the individual planks onto the sub-floor. This is an easy way of installation. However, the pitfall of this installation process is that no room is left for expansion. The Gluing installation method involves sticking the planks onto the sub-floor using glue. Due to the insulation caused by the gluing process, this installation technique makes that floor less noisy.


So as to have your floor looking new and elegant, you must maintenance it well. Clean it regularly by moping and sweeping. Polish it often to keep it looking shiny. You can also hire a professional periodically to treat and clean the floor.

Refinish Parquet Wood Floors – How Is It Done?

Trying to refinish parquet wood floors personally may be better financially but only if you’ve done the job several times already. For new homeowners however, it’s never a good idea to do the job themselves, considering how sensitive parquet floors are. When done incorrectly, refinishing the surface might come off worse, making it necessary to avail of the services of expensive professionals.

What is Parquet?
Prior to discussing how to refinish parquet wood floors, it’s necessary to find out exactly what this material is. Parquet is basically a collection of small wooden slabs arranged together to form a pattern. They are specifically designed to fit together to create a large scale pattern on the floor, paving the way for classically aesthetic flooring.

Refinishing Parquet
The style of parquet is definitely aesthetically pleasing, but it also means that refinishing them is not an ordinary job. The different wooden slates making up the expanse of the flooring would require a specific approach to work. Keep in mind that there could be gaps in between the woods, therefore making it harder to perform a completely impressive refinishing.

Of course, the material of the wood itself comes into play. Different wood types respond differently to materials. Experienced professionals will have a good idea of exactly what substance can be used for a perfect refinishing job.

Choosing a Provider
When looking for a provider to refinish parquet wood floors, it’s a good idea to search online. The internet should provide ample information about different service providers within the local area. Friends might also give good recommendations, especially if they’ve had the work done themselves. Don’t forget to ask some of these questions before hiring a company to do the job:

• Have you worked with parquet wooden flooring before?
• Do you have a guarantee when it comes to the quality of the results?
• What kind of product do you use?
• Do you clean up after the project?
• How much will it cost to do a specific space?
• How long will it take to finish the project?

It’s advisable to ask at least five companies that offer to refinish parquet wood floors. This way, homeowners are given the option to compare between services, allowing them to choose the package that will best suit their needs.

Why refinish?
Refinishing wooden floorings is not always necessary but definitely beneficial to homeowners. The floor is one of the most prominent parts of the house and it can determine whether the house’s value in the market will increase or decrease. Hence, refinishing is not just a way to brighten up the house but also to actually improve its market value, allowing individuals to charge higher should they decide to sell it. Since refinishing can be done once every couple of years, this kind of upgrade is not really expensive and can actually be helpful in the long run.

For more information on how to refinish parquet wood floors, try visiting websites related to the service. This should offer further information about this home improvement choice.

Wood Floors: What Makes Their Hardwood Flooring Type The Choicest

Remodeling your home? Have any plan for wood flooring in at least one of your rooms? Then, it might be the best choice to make. This is popular for its timeless look, and for its warmth feel. But there is almost countless information out there about it, making it difficult to understand what’s what!

Here are the basics of wood floors. You have got 3 main choices with respect to wood flooring ideas: 1) solid hardwood, 2) engineered wood, and 3) laminate flooring. We will discuss here the first one.

Solid Hardwood:

As the very name signifies, this kind of wood floors is solid wood all the way through, from top to bottom. It has similarity with any other stick of lumber that is sawn straight off of the log without adding extra materials. This is generally just called “hardwood floor.”

It comes as either pre-finished or unfinished. Pre-finished hardwood tends to be a little costlier than unfinished. Unfinished materials require immediate light sanding, staining (depending on personal choice) and sealing after installation. As far as the pre-finished wood floors are concerned, you may walk on it right after installation. With regard to the unfinished type, you require limiting usage until it has been sealed.

You need to wait for two days minimum to let the sealant dry. Sometimes, you may require additional coating even after sealant has dried. In respect of unfinished floor type, the advantage is you can seal it and stain it in accordance with your exact specifications. On the contrary, in respect of pre-finished type, the advantage is it has quick installation turnaround time.

Bamboo floors are also very popular hardwood flooring type. They are highly valued for their ‘green’ looks and environment-friendly qualities.

Hardwood type needs to be nailed to a wooden sub-floor. Contrary to other wooden flooring types, this type cannot be installed straight on top of your existing floor or on concrete floor. For the nail-down requirement, experts of this type recommend hiring professional installers. However, you can also take to the ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) method, by following the instructions as stated in the manual attached with the kits to the letter.

As hardwood floors are generally prone to dents and scratches, you need to pay special attention to their maintenance in proper way. Purchase good quality product, which should be appropriate to your lifestyle and budget.

The greatest advantage of Hardwood flooring is it can be re-sanded for numerous times, thereby extending its durability literally for decades! The greatest weakness of this floor type is that it does not suit in the moist areas, such as basements, bathrooms, or even kitchens. For moist area, cork type would be an ideal choice. Now, it’s up to the buyers whether or not hardwood flooring would suit their space they want to cover up with such modern flooring types. Whichever type they go for make sure they have got specialist’s advice before making a final move.